Immeasurable Benefits

Ten years ago I started on my Reiki journey. If you’d asked me back then where I saw it taking me I wouldn’t have even come close to where it has taken me. 10 years ago my father had only been dead a few months and I could see the impact this was having on my 5 year old son. My dad and son had formed a special bond, and it was heartbreaking to see my son looking lost. A friend was looking for case studies for her practitioner certificate and asked if my son would be one. I agreed but decided I needed to try out the “reiki” stuff for myself, so that I knew what he would be having. My first taste of reiki was a 20 minute treatment from Susie Smith of in a Work based sett

End of an era

Finally after almost 18 years I am waving good by to corporate life and leaving emergency planning behind. It’s been an interesting career path that has seen me respond to the London bombings, 9/11, Buncefield Oil Terminal Fire, Potter Bar and Hatfield Rail Crashes, and too many fire, flooding, gas, WW2 ordinance events to mention. I started my Emergency Plannjng Career with WRVS the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service working with the most dedicated and resourceful volunteers. All of them determined to make the world a little better in the midst of any disaster. It ticked so many boxes for me that I was soon jumping ship into the world of Local Authorities Emergency Planning, Business Continuit

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