2019 Retreat - the magic that happens

When I pulled together last years retreat the magic started happening early. As my first solo retreat, it was planned originally to provide a Tai Chi Student who had moved away a chance to re-engage and keep some form of practice going.  Suddenly out of nowhere I’d booked 4 cottages in the village without actually checking them out. A bit of a risk but this was only going to be a one off and nothing grand. I found out after booking them they were all actually chalets on the same site, close enough to make things work nice and smoothly. Next came the hall which landed in my lap with the promise of keys for the weekend, meaning I could be more fluid in planning. The fact it was in the village

2019 Retreat - The Despacho

My second retreat took place in October. As part of the retreat a beautiful soul and Shamanic Healer Kim Fruen of Alter-native Therapies provided some opportunities for those on retreat to experience new healing modalities they may not have experienced before. This retreat saw the return of the Cacao Ceremony with individual healing - beautiful and heart opening. New to this year was a Despacho Ceremony. Kim took time to tell us the Qero of Peru believe that if you pray your prayers are heard, that a spoken prayer is more powerful than those you say to yourself and that a Despacho is a physical prayer which is more powerful than a written prayer. We were told that the specific design represe

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