Holy Fire Reiki

"I did not realise how amazing it would be" - a fabulous piece of feedback from a weekend teaching Holy Fire Master Teacher. I feel like this every time I teach. With every level of each type of Reiki you teach, as the teacher you attune your students and seem to go through the attunement process yourself too. Having a student give amazing feedback isn't just good for you as feedback on your teaching style and the subject matter, it's an affirmation that it was as amazing as you found the whole process too. Holy Fire Reiki is an amazingly gentle form of reiki that is an amazingly high vibration that feels profound and comforting at the same time. Expansive and grounding. Both microcosmic and

All that remains

This years holiday was and epic walk across England, from Whitley Bay just above Newcastle to Bowness on Solway. It was not quite Hadrian’s Wall all the way as we detoured occasionally, it was also more than the wall. We covered a total of 102 miles in 8 days. I knew the walk was going to be more than just a walk and for weeks before hand felt like I was on the precipice of something amazing but didn't know what. We've been back a week now and I'm slowly seeing just what it is that was more than a walk. I journaled my whole walk. On day one we were due to walk 15.5 miles from Whitley Bay to Newburn. This would all be urban walking as we toured the outskirts of Newcastle rather than start

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