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WeBe Tai Chi

An incidental phrase in lockdown becomes the new name for Energy Based Exercise including

 Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Vietnamese Longevity Stick Work, Meditation and Breathwork practices with Sarah from Holistic On Site Therapies

Having practised Tai Chi since 1984 and taught since 2012 I felt grateful that lockdown afforded me time to deepen my own knowledge and practice of Tai Chi, adding new styles of form, Qi Gong, Taoism studies and links to energy systems and medicine in the form of Traditional Chinese Medicines. Alongside this I studied Shamanism studies and other Reiki style healing energies and have gained a broad view on where they cross over and support each other. WeBe Tai Chi is the embodiment of all energies in movement - where we learn to simply be the energy.  



I'm really excited to be starting this class in July. I'm hoping to grow this to be a progressive class. The class will include elements of Hao and Yang style 24 forms, Qi Gong, Breathwork, Mindfulness and Longevity Stick Work. Designed to give you all round wellbeing and all the knowledge required to manage your chi. Call to book.

Wednesday Evening Class - New Offering starting on July 10th 2024 at Little Hadham Village Hall 

7:30pm-8:30pm £10 per class

Information and Database

Generic information about Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation can be found here. For those of you who are Zoom Students or have access there is also a database of videos, articles and documents. If you would like access please contact me to request.

Tai Chi - which translates as Ultimate/Supreme Force/Energy, is a Chinese "soft" Martial art, consisting of a sequence of very slow, precise movements known as form or forms. It is a physical practice focussing on four principles of breath, balance, movement and mindfulness. Qi Gong - which translates as Energy Do -  is more "static and somatic", simpler moves repeated with focus on breath/energy exchange, manipulation and movement

Breath - deep breathing into the Dan Tien, the energy centre just below the navel. Focus on breath into this area encourages us to have more control over the diaphragm. In having more control over the diaphragm we start to reduce adrenalin and cortisol levels making us calmer and less reactive to stressful situations. In being less stressful we are able to expand the lungs further. Expanding the lungs further makes the diaphragm move more giving us more opportunity to control it - and so the cycle begins again. Understanding the importance of focused breathwork and it's impact on our wellbeing are at the centre of Qi Gong studies. Tai Chi and Qi Gong go hand in hand, if you want to use the ultimate force you must first use to manipulate it through breath. 

Balance - At the core of all movement is the requirement to balance or fall. Learning to understand where your weight is and how to move that weight before stepping, means we can move in any direction and change at any point without losing our balance. Understanding that the mind is at the centre of how we manage our weight centre, giving us the ability to lower the centre of gravity with a simple thought process - the first principle in energy manipulation. Becoming more balanced means becoming more grounded and being more aware of energy exchange between mother earth and ourselves. Balance, when combined with breath becomes the main route to energy management within. Breath and balance are maintained with a process of grounding, ensuring good contact with the floor at all times thought 10 point contact with each foot (20 total). We aid balance by always keeping a minimum of 10 points connected to the floor at all times.

Movement - When breath and balance work together we can focus on movement. We need to stay inside our own energy space with movement, so we study precise movement through the form and learn to find, focus on and feel where our own energy space is. We begin to understand that small and precise is better than a huge display of movement. We focus on making every movement full of energy and grace, with rounded form to allow the energy we cultivate and manipulate to flow. We move in time with the breath, only when we are balanced and grounded with 10 or more points of contact. We can now see how these principles layer up and lock into each other.   

Mindfulness - When we focus on the breath and slow down, we add balance and grounding. We count the breath, we are mindful of the points of contact in the feet, we are slow and precise with all movements, keeping them rounded, inside our own energy field and low down. Then we add the form - the Beijing 24 short form is main form I teach, each of the 24 individual moves is a form in itself. We learn to travel through the form with breath, balance, movement and focus on energy manipulation. This is your mindfulness! The brain needs to be occupied all the time, hence when we get bored we daydream -  the brains way of telling us we aren't keeping it busy. Following the first three principles creates a levels of mindfulness that means we must stay in the present moment. Our form work is it's most energetically graceful when we are present. Being mindful feeds into the breath cycle allowing us to focus on slow deep breathing so supprting all other principles

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Qi Gong style mindfulness and breathwork workshop

These workshops are run on request £35 per person when booking for a group of four, one to one cost £120.  2.5 hours of targeted Qi Gong style breathwork. 

Before the recent surge in "New age" Breathwork, for centuries the Chinese have practiced breathwork as part of a system of wellbeing. Qi Gong translates to English as "Vital Energy Cultivation", it's focus is movement and breath to bring the energy of the body into focus and aid understanding of where you are lacking energy. 

Join me for a gentle and informative workshop to gain understanding of your lungs, ribs and diaphragm - how they function and simple breathing techniques you can practice to cultivate energy with your breath. This expands the lungs, releases the diaphragm and activates the intercostal muscles effectively - with proven results in lung capacity. 

Email to request a course or for more details.

Annual Tai Chi Retreat

I have created a simple format residential retreat run annually in Winterton on Sea, Norfolk. The focus of each retreat runs with the Chinese Astrology for the year. For 2023 the year is Rabbit. The focus of the retreat is to use Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation and other energy medicines to focus on joy, simplicity and love - the characteristics of the year of the rabbit. If Rabbit is calling you there are still a couple of spaces on this retreat 29th Sept - 1st Oct. Self catering £250 per person.

2022 was a Tiger year - the retreat was "carrying the tiger over the mountain", Tiger years encourage us to take on the impossible and prove that we can do anything we put our minds to. 

2024 is The year of the Dragon I am already planning lots for the dragon year - ambition is big in dragons! Watch this space!

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