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Originally energy textiles were sold under the brand of "All Reiki'd Up". Lock down has given me time to think and rebrand this side of my business. Moving forward new drum bags and other energy textiles will be rebranded. Look out for the name change and some offers to launch. There will always be the option to order a bespoke item with work that can include spirit guides, power animals or a favourite place. The new brand will also include some "one off" ready to purchase items including drum bags, Zabuton and folding bags. Check back to see what's new!

I have always had an interest in textiles work and regularly make clothing and home textiles such as curtains and cushion covers. Clothing is an essential need for me as being tall always meant I couldn't find clothing long enough in the arms or legs and often what I could get just didn't sit properly. Years later as "tall" clothing is now more readily available I have taken to textiles for pleasure and learnt to patchwork, applique and quilt, making bags, wall hangings and bedding.

As part of my Reiki Journey I studied Reiki Drumming - a technique for passing Reiki energy through a drum to bring an element of sound healing to Reiki. During my first drumming event I noticed that many drummers had the same style of Remo fyberskin frame drum, I also noticed that many drums were still being transported in the box they arrived in which seemed a "sad affair" for a Reiki Drummers personal kit - their own Reiki Drum. When I had the opportunity to purchase my own drum before the start of my course I decided to settle for a drum that was slightly different so I knew it was mine and wouldn't be confused with other drums. Having always made clothes and quilted items I decided I would give my drum the home it deserved. Immediately I became obsessed with making a circular  applique panel and soon settled on a pheonix design around a moon. So my drum was housed in a bag as individual as the drum itself.


This started an experimental textile adventure that is going from strength to strength - meditating on designs for drum bags for Reiki Drummers. I quickly found that the images for drum bags contained the Reiki energy used to make them. Other Reiki drummers also saw this and soon there were requests to make unique bags for others drums.


The durable padded bags are made specifically to fit the items of your choice, of course the original design was for drum bags, but I have since designed rucksacks, many different instrument carriers, handbags, yoga mat carriers and clothing with added Reiki energy. Each individual item is made to measure, meeting your individual needs. These can even be scaled up to carry your most expensive musical  instruments with style and safety, including adjustable length handles and shoulder straps, zipper or button fastenings, non slip grips for heavy items and heavy duty fabrics and leather.


The bags come with bespoke appliqué designs to one or both sides. Inspiration for each of the designs comes from people’s interests, power animals, nature, symbols, signs and other sources. Each design starts off as a hand drawn picture designed to fit the size and shape of the bag required. The picture is then “line drawn”, coloured and cut into jigsaw type pieces, for the appliqué pattern. Materials are chosen for each individual piece of the jigsaw, which is then cut and stitched to complete the picture, often formed in multiple layers.  Colour themes can be agreed and samples of fabrics used can be sent for approval, or if you have a special piece of fabric you'd like used in the design this can also be incorporated. Other options for designs can include a fabric printed photograph quilted in a single layer, perhaps a photo of a special place or beautiful visitor to your garden? Whatever your inspiration is, it can be turned into a beautiful adornment for an individual bag.


Every item is unique, with no two designs ever the same as the process of building the picture is completely free-hand and “organic". Reiki energy is used in all the processess from designing the specific item - including shape, strap/handle requirements and extras such as pockets, cushion depth and pouffe height - everything can be made to fit your requirements. Even completing the design of the appliqué panels includes channelling what fabrics to use - colour and pattern,  ensuring each design is rich in colour, totally unique and specific to the person receiving the item. The appliqué designed bag and cushion panels are then quilted and made into the front or back of the bag or cushion. Handles can be made from the same material as the bag or from webbing straps. They can be designed as a shoulder bag, hand carry bag or even a back pack to suit your needs.Each individual bag is charged with Reiki energy prior to dispatch.


Suggested uses could be to carry your frame drum (any size), musical instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, percussion instruments. For therapist they could carry any items for providing treatments (oils, couch roll etc.) or just as a beautiful hand bag or back pack.

Please look at the gallery for samples and ideas or check out my pin boards on Pinterest or my Facebook Page for all my latest photos and projects.

Please contact me to discuss what product you would like. After a discussion about size, shape and style of bag and what applique designs you would like, I can email a drawn out idea for the applique work. Pictures of fabric samples can also be emailed or if you source a fabric you like yourself this can be incorporated into the designs.

Price start at £80 for a 16" round drum bag with one applique design, please contact me to discuss your requirements and a quote.


Meditation cushions - Zabaton - can be made to a height suitable to each individual for the perfect meditation position. Made from heavier duty upholstery material and filled with natural organic buckwheat hulls. The hulls provide enough weight and density to provide a comfortable firm seat. Prices start at £20


Pouffes are made to measure "slouchy" cubes filled with buckwheat hulls, excellent leg rests and extra seating in one as they have the same firmness as the Zabaton. Each one has a zipp and removable pouches of buckwheat hulls to make the outer completely washable. Prices start at £60 for a 15 inch cube.


If you have another project or idea but can't find someone to make it - give me a call to discuss a bespoke project costing - including dressmaking, alterations and soft furnishings such as cushion covers and curtains.

Now working collaboratively with "Reiki Pillows" as a co-creator. Mary, creator and owner has been  passionate about her universally blessed and attuned healing pillow for years. I have purchased many for family and friends and truly believe in the healing properties they hold, from my own experience and feedback from those I have gifted them to. As a co-creator you can now purchase a Reiki Pillow direct from me along with a pillowcase with your choice of design appliqued on one side. 


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