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Back to Work!

After almost a year with no work, it doesn't take long to be back to work at full speed. Coming out the other side of the latest lockdown, I have realised that compared to some I feel like I've had a relatively easy ride. That doesn't mean it didn't come without lessons. What did I learn? Here's my top five, they're all positive.....

  1. I need to be employed, whether that's physically or mentally - I learned that I really am no good at doing nothing. I believe that this is one of the reasons I came through the year and have managed to start back again. When I wasn't able to massage I produced some of the loveliest drum-bags I've ever made.

  2. I got a bit more tech savvy. I wanted to see if Tai Chi could be taught online. Zoom was the prefered platform for me, so getting good with Zoom, with video cameras, webcams and lighting. I'm by no means ever going to make a box office winner. But now have a library of over 100 videos of me doing Tai Chi and Qi Gong on YouTube. Some are public and can be searched or reached through my channel. Others are unlisted as they are sent out to zoom class members.

  3. Seeing clients that I haven't seen in over a year, I can see the benefit of massage as I can see they haven't been worked on at all. Thats great validation for my work.

  4. Pre-covid I worked in many organisations and sub-contracted clinics to be run under my company name, it was full on and more than full time. Having a year off I have readjusted my work values. I am back to work but not back to back. Some of this is of course enforced by the need for more rigorous cleaning between clients meaning less appointments are available. I am enjoying working from home but having redefined success I am happy not to over do things anymore. I have finally learned to say no.

  5. I have had the most amazing support throughout, it isn't often I bring family into my work environment but I have to say support from hubby who worked throughout the pandemic, kept us fed and watered and pretty much laughing all the way through. Support from my son who bridged the gap in my video skills and camera kits to painstakingly video each Zoom Tai Chi class and has even spent time on the flat roof with a selfie stick to video moves from above - a whole new angle on Tai Chi.

I have been incredibly fortunate over the past year and am enjoying being back at the helm of my own business, able to do what I love most - make others lives better.

Fu Ru Dong Hai

Sufi Sarah


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