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18 months of Lessons and the next retreat

I can't believe I've not blogged for about 18 months. Where have I been? What have I been doing? Lots of changes for me, I re-engaged in salaried work, back with my beloved NHS. I thought it would be like a home coming, it was harder than I'd ever expected. I went back in with the same gusto and expectations I had at 18 and soon learned that I'm not the same person, it's not the same NHS and it wasn't the same job. It took some realigning of thoughts and feelings to feel settled and I'm now once again in awe of our NHS system and still worried about it's failings. None of which are attributed to the coal face workers.

Tai Chi has been a big thing or should I say even bigger thing! I started a new class at Attend2Health in Buntingford, it lasted a year. I started a new class in Puckeridge it's still going but small. I started two new classes in Witham working for The Club Company at Benton Hall Golf and Country Club this stretched me to start teaching Intermediate level, a real challenge and a massive boost!

Moving forward Tai Chi is still BIG! In September I start another zoom class working with The Pilates Specialist offering on line instruction to those who subscribe to Heather's Health Hub. I'm also starting a fortnightly class in Little Hadham Village Hall to run concurrently with their fabulous warm space cafe, so not only do yet get a great class of Tai Chi but you can grab refreshments and lunch too

This will mean Tuesday is nothing but Tai Chi, which I'm really excited about. Zoom at 9:30, Intermediate Form Work at 12:30, Beginners Tai Chi at 1:45 and Zoom Tai Chi at 7:30pm. I always sleep well on Tuesday nights - I think I'll sleep even better!

Last year saw a Whole Day retreat named "Carrying the Tiger over the Mountain" as it was the Chinese year of the tiger. This year sees the return of the Residential retreat with "The year of the Rabbit Retreat", this year is all about simplicity, fun and love.

Next year is a dragon year, I'm already full of ideas for this year. An afternoon of Tai Chi and a meal to see in the New Year on 10th February. A day in the Witham Area that gives those from Benton Hall a chance to do form work outside of the club and hopefully meet some of my other regulars. And of course another residential retreat "Enter the Dragon" - yes it has to be done and I'm already planning it!

Corporate work is slowly making a come back with some fabulous On Site Clinics now running again. No wonder I haven't written for ages, I've been too darn busy!

Fu Ru Dong Hai



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