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Monday Meditation

Monday 8th November saw the start of a new meditation circle. Held in the fabulous Studio39 at The Amwell Clinic, The Maltings Business Centre, Roydon Road, Stanstead Abbott’s. The groups sits between 6:00pm and 7:00pm exploring what meditation and mindfulness means, and how to engage in simple activities that allow us to take time out from the rush of everyday life. Come and join me for an hour of “me-time” in person £10 per session. I’m looking at an option to join online to offer the sessions to those further afield who are unable to attend. Zabuton - weighted meditation cushions make excellent perches to adjust seated height to make meditation more comfortable. I will have a selection to use and for purchase at each class. Currently for sale is the pale green basket weave fabric zabuton below, great value at £20 Contact me to purchase or make an order Sarah


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