Mental Health in Britain

The government released a report today - The Stevenson/Farmer Report – Thriving at Work – a review of Mental Health and Employers At the beginning of the year the Prime Minister asked for an independent review into how employers could better support the mental health of all people including those with mental health problems and “poor Well-being” to remain in and thrive through work. The nine month investigation has provided some startling results. Mental health challenges at work proved to be far larger than originally thought. The result is far greater human cost but greater impacts on society, the economy and government. The cost to industry in sick pay and reduced productivity and less ef

Reiki Level 1 amazement

The last two days I have been teaching reiki to the most diverse group of students I've ever had. Older individuals in their 30s/40s/50s and children as young as 7. The difficulty I saw was how to make a course engaging for young children, that wasn't full of boring stuff and how to not make to too simplistic for the adults. This took me down the path of creating a separate activity book aimed at keeping children engaged, that could sit alongside my normal reiki manual. My 14 year old son and I produced the activity book together, he was after all the road test for it. Everyone on this course had both manuals so we could dip in and out of each as needed. To add to this another reiki master t

Not for the feint hearted

Today I journeyed with Kambo - Frog Medicine. This wasn't something I ever thought I'd do, but a close friend who undertook extensive training to become a Kambo Practitioner did a very good job on convincing me of the benefits of this medicine. I have to say I'd seen a massive change in her health since her Kambo journey began - so maybe there was something in it. It's not pretty for sure. The medicine is so powerful it makes you purge - but then many powerful conventional medicines have the same effect too. Some of them have devastating long lasting side effects too, the only long lasting side effect I could see from Kambo would be a row of small scars made by burn marks. Kim invited me to

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