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Not for the feint hearted

Today I journeyed with Kambo - Frog Medicine. This wasn't something I ever thought I'd do, but a close friend who undertook extensive training to become a Kambo Practitioner did a very good job on convincing me of the benefits of this medicine. I have to say I'd seen a massive change in her health since her Kambo journey began - so maybe there was something in it. 

It's not pretty for sure. The medicine is so powerful it makes you purge - but then many powerful conventional medicines have the same effect too. Some of them have devastating long lasting side effects too, the only long lasting side effect I could see from Kambo would be a row of small scars made by burn marks. 

Kim invited me to take Kambo making me feel welcome and safe. Two litres of water in twenty minutes on a stomach that had been empty for at least 8 hours made me feel bloated. In that time five small burns were made on my right leg with a plain incense stick, the burns were then cleaned meticulously and when the frog medicine was ready three small spots of the paste were placed on the burns. 

In an instant I could feel a change it my body, even after the first spots was administered. I could actually feel the medicine coursing up my body. Three minutes later and I hadn't started purging, another spot of medicine was added. 

After another minute there was an intense rush of heat up my back, neck and arms which then took in my throat and face. The urge took over and I began purging. Although it isn't pleasant or pretty it's not as bad as you think as purging when you aren't "under the weather with the dreaded lurgy" is much easier. After each bout came a pleasant feeling of calmness and release. 

Throughout this whole process a Kambo practitioner is "holding space" making sure that you are safe and well, monitoring and managing your journey while allowing you to have you journey without interference. Kim proved excellent at this, talking only to check or advise. 

The whole process from beginning to end is 20 - 40 minutes. In that time the need to purge came in waves. Kim's knowledge of Kambo and its effects is unsurpassed, from watching my face and moves she could gauge where I was in the process. At the point where I felt washed over with complete calm, She spotted this and checked into make sure I was finished. 

I was given time to relax and regain my composure and had a hot tea. Any questions that arose were answered with detail and compassion. After some time to recover I was given nourishing soup and corn bread. The flavours were amazing fresh and I realised how hungry I'd become. All of the purge process immediately falls behind you as you resume your everyday life. 

I'm still struggling with words to explain the experience. I don't want to put people off. In spite of the treatment being something none of us actively enjoy, the Kambo made it very different. 

It's now the evening of the same day. I have five small black marks on my right lower shin from the burns and nothing else to show for it. So why did I do it? I slowly beginning to understand that the medicine stays with you for days, something so powerful that it can make you violently sick in a matter of minutes isn't going to go away that easily. I'm still feeling it working through me, coursing round but in a much more gentle way. I've been ravenous all day and as I'm trying to get to grips with what it has done I am slowly becoming aware that my left hip, normally stiff and arthritic is not nagging with quite the same ferocity. Friday will be the test for the hip as I teach a regular Tai Chi class. 

I'm happy I took this journey, and am waiting for further positive results - which I have a sneaky suspicion will be mind blowing. 

Search alter-native therapies on Facebook to find Kim's page. Don't be scared to take the jump. It's actually a positive experience 

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