Gong and sounding

Following on from my Cacao Ceremony my birthday included a beautiful healing meditation from Susie Smith. Filled with images of world healing, flower of life patterns and more ripple effect and hive consciousness. Susie then gave a sound healing using star sounds, her voice is deep and sonorous, full of energy and vibrations that travel in, around and through you. Finally it was “topped off” with a Gong bath using my two favourite gongs of Susie’s, the moon and Pluto. The gongs were perfectly balanced in playing and sent me journeying further through the universe and into the consciousness of creation. A deeply healing experience, felt physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by all

Birthday Cacao Ceremony

As part of my 50th Birthday celebrations. I organised a spiritual retreat for a day and invited key friends from my soul family. I was blessed to have a Cacao Ceremony to start the days events off. Provided by Kim Fruen of Alter-native Therapies my guests and I sat in a yurt that was slowly being filled with the aromas of deeply delicious bitter chocolate. Mugs of ceremonial Cacao were passed round for all to experience. Nothing like your normal hot chocolate, dark in colour and bitter to taste but not unpleasant to taste. It had a comforting taste that felt like a cosy childhood all at once. Kim guided us through a meditation to connect to the ixcacao diva bringing an unexpected flutter to

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