Kambo Mk 2

Following on from the first Kambo treatment I had in October I wrote a blog “Not for the feint hearted”. I described the process including being sick and how it felt different to when you are sick through illness. As I am not feint hearted I decided to have another treatment. My first treatment gave me some good relief from pain caused by an arthritic hip for about four months. I was looking for this relief again. My second treatment was very different, on advice from the Kambo practitioner I decided to have a Chakra treatment. Instead of a standard five dots on my lower right leg. I had 3 dots applied to my base chakra, 2 dots to the solar plexus chakra and 2 dots to the heart chakra - 7 in

Tai Chi - Much More Than Just Exercise

So the BBC published an article about Tai Chi being beneficial for pain management of conditions like Fibromyalgia. I posted the article to my Facebook page. Here I thought I'd expand and write my own article on the multiple benefits I've seen throughout my years of practice and study. I started to practice Tai Chi in the early 1990s. I'd tried a Yoga class and found myself at a class of 30 or so all being talked through the Sun Salutation by an instructor who assumed everyone knew what to do. I felt lost and completely inept as I was not a flexible as all the practiced yoga students. My search for something fun and fulfilling took me to a Tai Chi Class. More than 20 years of practice and a

Be Good to Yourself

On the tv - 100 years younger in 21 days has been confirming everything I believe to be true. I was very vocal with lots of “of course!” To the tv last night. Confirmed by scientists and told to the masses last night. Stress causes us to be filled with cortisol which can cause illness, high blood pressure and dementia among other things as well as making us feel pretty rubbish at the time we are stressed. What helps to reduce stress you ask? I’m extremely happy to agree with the specialist on the tv. Hugging, dancing, singing and friendship all have a massive effect on reducing cortisol and increasing serotonin the happy hormone. Go out there today and hug someone, sing and dance your way to

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