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Reiki Level 1 amazement

The last two days I have been teaching reiki to the most diverse group of students I've ever had. Older individuals in their 30s/40s/50s and children as young as 7. 

The difficulty I saw was how to make a course engaging for young children, that wasn't full of boring stuff and how to not make to too simplistic for the adults. 

This took me down the path of creating a separate activity book aimed at keeping children engaged, that could sit alongside my normal reiki manual. My 14 year old son and I produced the activity book together, he was after all the road test for it.

Everyone on this course had both manuals so we could dip in and out of each as needed. 

To add to this another reiki master teacher was coming along to see how I taught, in order to start their teaching journey. I've always been laid back and gone with the flow in my teaching and I felt a bit under pressure to perform adequately to meet all these requirements. 

The end of day two and everyone has gone and I'm reviewing and assimilating all that I got out of the course. 

I love teaching reiki and level one of the most fun, as the teacher is honoured to be with people at the beginning of their reiki journey. Once started it never ends - the beginning is important. 

I never expected what I got, children who were totally engaged and bought an amazing sense of fun to the two days. Adults that were patient and understanding with the children realising that their responses to the activities and attunements would be invaluable and enlightening and another master teacher to validate responses and share their knowledge and understanding. It was perfect. 

As children described what they saw on an epic journey across space with crystals as "Nice" I was reminded that at its heart, reiki is simple and to find an epic journey, nice is all that is required. 

In the midst of the oldest and youngest was probably what I thought would be my most difficult audience, 12 and 14 year olds. I was amazed at the levels of maturity shown by them all, while still maintaining the fun element of the two days. Everyone asked really relevant questions and made pertinent comments. There was a level of mutual respect that bridged all the ages and seems to make a space of great equality, where everyone counted. 

I actually think this has been my favourite class ever, I've taught plenty too now. Definitely the way to move forward, embrace all that is and allow reiki to work its magic in creating the perfect setting for everyone. 

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