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Holy Fire Reiki

"I did not realise how amazing it would be" - a fabulous piece of feedback from a weekend teaching Holy Fire Master Teacher. 

I feel like this every time I teach. With every level of each type of Reiki you teach, as the teacher you attune your students and seem to go through the attunement process yourself too. 

Having a student give amazing feedback isn't just good for you as feedback on your teaching style and the subject matter, it's an affirmation that it was as amazing as you found the whole process too. 

Holy Fire Reiki is an amazingly gentle form of reiki that is an amazingly high vibration that feels profound and comforting at the same time. Expansive and grounding. Both microcosmic and macrocosmic  at the same time. 

Since receiving Holy Fire Reiki on retreat in 2016 I have found myself centred, grounded and at peace in the most profound way. This is the gift I love giving to others through their training. Having the feedback I had today proves that it affects others in an equally profound way. 

Long live holy fire Reiki 😍

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