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End of an era

Finally after almost 18 years I am waving good by to corporate life and leaving emergency planning behind. It’s been an interesting career path that has seen me respond to the London bombings, 9/11, Buncefield Oil Terminal Fire, Potter Bar and Hatfield Rail Crashes, and too many fire, flooding, gas, WW2 ordinance events to mention. 

I started my Emergency Plannjng Career with WRVS the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service working with the most dedicated and resourceful volunteers. All of them determined to make the world a little better in the midst of any disaster. 

It ticked so many boxes for me that I was soon jumping ship into the world of Local Authorities Emergency Planning, Business Continuity, Risk Management, Project Management and performance. 

Today sees me handing in my ID badge for the last connection with the EP world. 

In October it will be four years since Holistic On Site Therapies was born. Today it has finally fully fledged. 

I work with a number of multinational companies providing on site health care and run a thriving private practice too. Tai Chi and Meditation classes and reiki classes also form a big part of my private practice. This year has seen me diversify into cohosting a radio show with the fabulous Becky of SG1 fame and running my first solo retreat. It was such a success plans are underway for next year too. 

If anyone had asked me when I stepped on the reiki path where it would take me, this wouldn’t have been my answer in a million years. 

For now the future is a bright as it gets and self employment is everything that was ever missing from my work life. What a time to be alive #lovinglife 

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