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Immeasurable Benefits

Ten years ago I started on my Reiki journey. If you’d asked me back then where I saw it taking me I wouldn’t have even come close to where it has taken me. 

10 years ago my father had only been dead a few months and I could see the impact this was having on my 5 year old son. My dad and son had formed a special bond, and it was heartbreaking to see my son looking lost. 

A friend was looking for case studies for her practitioner certificate and asked if my son would be one. I agreed but decided I needed to try out the “reiki” stuff for myself, so that I knew what he would be having. 

My first taste of reiki was a 20 minute treatment from Susie Smith of in a Work based setting. I left the treatment room and floated past my office door and wandered down the corridors smiling and waving at everyone. Within a few minutes I found myself on the abandoned fourth floor with little recognition of how I’d got there. But with the knowledge I’d experienced something profound that I wanted to be able to give to my own children too. 

Within a few weeks I’d taken my first degree attunements, 3 months later my second degree attunements, followed by case studies, Master Teacher and Karuna Reiki in a relatively short timescale. 

My youngest daughter has since taken her first degree and my youngest child, my son who was Susie’s case study is a Master Teacher in his own right! 

On top of this the immeasurable benefit has been a wealth of new friends along the way, but not just friends- special friendships with deep and meaningful relationships. These people are a part of my soul Tribe, each and everyone one of them is like family and not just at the end of a phone but would literally move heaven and earth to help in my hour of need. Likewise they can count on me to be there for them too. 

Life is very different from 10 years ago, it is now a rich tapestry of fine colours and glorious threads with a smattering of sparkling jewels sewn in for luck. 

If you ever fancied “dipping your toe” into Reiki. Ask me why you should and I’ll read you this. The answer would most definitely be - yes; do it! 

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