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Coming Home - A Soul Retrieval

As part of my continuing self development I have been lucky enough to try out many different forms of healing. This time I had a Soul Retrieval with Kim Fruen of ALTERNATIVE-THERAPIES in St Albans. I've had a wide range of treatments from Kim and written many of them in previous blogs.

This Soul Retrieval was different from others I have experienced - Kim Journeyed for me while I relaxed and accepted the healing. As always I go for these healing with an open mind, ready to experience what ever comes, expecting to feel something pleasant (or not) and nod and agree with the outcomes. I think that each time I have a healing with Kim, I am blown away - on this occasion just much more!

Kim told me of the journey to retrieve a lost piece of my soul and described a scene from my childhood that I have never shared - I was speechless at the detail. As Kim continued to journey for me, she "bought back a gift", this was actually two gifts. A blanket and a lamp, The blanket was for security and the lamp was to show the way. Finally Kim told me the power animal I received for this soul retrieval was an Armadillo, an animal I have worked with before and knew it was about self protection.

With all healings they continue to work on you deeply for many days after. The dreams I had following the healing were exceptionally clear and overly realistic, leaving me with a feeling that there were definite messages hidden in them.

Kim visited just before Christmas and gave me a gift, a beautiful blanket to represent the blanket from the soul retrieval, this would be a blanket to journey with. That night my dream was of a tiny thatched cottage, I was coming home. Waling to a place I had not been to in years, I entered the cottage which felt comfortable in spite of it obviously having stood empty for years. I lit fires and lamps, and then moved to the kitchen to prepare a feast to mark my return. There were friends helping, including Kim.

The next day I decided to meditate with my new blanket and clarify the dreams I'd been having, in particular the last nights one. On finishing my meditation the answers flooded in.

In the dream I was coming home, the blanket was for security to feel safe in the home I was returning to, the lamp was to set in the window to always show me the way back home. As part of the Soul Retrieval process this finalised the healing leaving with a profound sense of peace and awe at the way the healing all came together with the arrival of my beautiful new blanket.

For anyone wanting to experience shamanic healing but unsure as always I would highly recommend Kim, powerful yet gentle and caring, and able to deliver healing on deep deep levels.

Contact Kim on 07536 095245 to discuss what she offers and book a beautiful healing.

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