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Growing Pains

Working on yourself is part of the healers path. Hippocrates said “Healer, first heal thyself”. In order to provide healing for others it is essential that we maintain our own wellbeing. This isn’t just physical wellbeing either, if you provide healing on a mental, emotional or spiritual level you must address wellness in these areas too. 

In taking care of my own wellbeing I regularly have treatments from others. A fortnightly Massage, monthly reflexology and regular shamanic healings and occasional Kambo. I’ve written about Kambo before - look at older blogs for information about that. 

Most recently I have had an illumination, a shakapa healing and a past life illumination all have been very beneficial and most interesting. As I have written up how I found the healings for my practitioner for case studies I’ve realised how much they are all interlinked. 

The culmination of these healings has been personal growth and along with it growing pains. By growing pains I mean as we heal ourselves, doing the work required often results in us looking deeply at parts of our lives we have been neglecting , or maybe even actively hiding from.

For me this healing has led me to look at the work I currently do, along with where I do it, how much I do and most importantly why I do it. Growth isn’t always easy and sometimes making the changes required for growth can leave us feeling uneasy, unworthy or simply that we have failed. The past life illumination bought me great clarity around why I respond to work in the way I do, it actually even creates the drive for my passion of helping others.  It provided me with the understanding that I can be enough without needing to do it all. Most importantly came a very big lesson in saying no, not allowing others to make you feel guilty for saying no and the understanding that I only have to justify the decisions I make about my work direction to myself. 

Growing pains - letting others know that you are not growing their way anymore. That in order to be more balanced, growth of a different kind is required. After the growing pains comes the mental, emotional, spiritual wellbeing that perfectly balances the physical wellbeing. 

Remember Holistic Health means Whole Health, we need to ensure our whole self is healthy to be able to work. Make sure you care about yourself - Wholely. 


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