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Tai Chi Retreat 2019

In May 2018 I ran my first Tai Chi and Meditation Retreat. 13 people joined me for a full on long weekend of Tai Chi practice, meditation and Qigong. 

Extra evening workshops included a Lotus Flower Tea Meditation and. Cacao Ceremony provides by Kim Fruen of Alter-Native Therapies. 

I’m delighted to be running a second retreat in October 2019 over 3 Days, this time to include all of the above , some chanting, Tai Chi Tennis and a Despacho which will be facilitated by Kim Fruen along with the Cacao Ceremony. The retreat will finish with beach practice which gives the opportunity to see your own footwork and see how far you’ve progressed. 

Spaces are limited- if you are interested please contact me through the website. 

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