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Today I visited a good friend for lunch and Reiki. The whole area was swarming with ladybirds. We stood looking at them as they swarmed, landed, took off and landed again while they were juggling for a spot to hide for the winter. The air was thick with them and they landed on us. The sides of houses and windows moving with large numbers of ladybirds. On the side of a rendered house they were grouping together in the ridges, climbing over each other and taking off again as they searched for the perfect spot. 

It was mesmerising watching them. The closer I looked the more surprised I was. Just like the picture, they were all different varieties of Ladybird. Red with black spots of varying numbers. Black with red spots both the two and four spot variety. Golden with black spots, gold with no spots, bright orange, yellow and almost white. 

What struck me most was how they huddled together regardless, they didn’t huddle in colour groups or spot groups or size groups. They had decided to prepare for what they know is coming and did it collectively, without isolating any ladybirds they just worked toward a common goal - safety and security. 

If only we were able as humans to behave the same . . .

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