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Compassion - Raising People Up

The ability to truly show compassion for other beings seems to be a dying art. Almost as though we are afraid to show compassion, maybe fearing rejection or perhaps living under the illusion that showing compassion will be a waste of our valuable time in this fast paced world where everything should be instant.

We live in a society that is all too ready to put down someone who is struggling or feels like they are failing. We fail to raise people up - focussing on pointing out their failure, adding a placatory "there, there". All too often we forget that simply reminding someone how many successes they've had or how many times they got it right in the past, is the most beautiful way to express compassion. It doesn't have to take a huge amount of time and it certainly is never wasted.

It's time to start showing people heart felt compassion, no one will ever manage to progress if we are constantly putting them down. Raise your fellows, friends and companions up, it only takes a few words to have a lasting impact.

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