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On the Radio!

Holistic On Site Therapies is on the radio! Once a month I have been invited to co-host (although it’s more like attend than host 😆) a lunchtime radio show on SG1 Radio. An internet based radio station serving Stevenage Herts, but of course with the ability to be heard worldwide. 

My slot is to talk about Holistic Therapies. My first appearance was on 9th February, I have to say I haven’t laughed so much in ages. The technical side of producing a show was way over my head. 

I discovered something about myself, I always knew I used my hands expressively but when challenged not to use them because I moved away from the mic too much and because of course no one could see me! But I felt almost speechless without my hands! 

Radio turns out to be incredibly good fun, I seem to have fallen in love with it all over again - not that I ever stopped loving radio! 

SG1 Radio is a fab Station, the fact that it’s internet based is brilliant, not only does it serve the local community but it has the potential to reach ex-Stevenage residents that want to still feel connected to the place. Radio really is the way to go!!

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