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Winter months

Dark nights, short days have often left me struggling. It’s not SAD, I don’t miss the sun, I miss the outside. 

I made it to the coast three times In November/December this year. Even on the dreariest day when the skies were low and grey, when the wind whipped and bit. The expanse of light at the coast, the endless horizon gave a feeling of openness akin to the summer. 

The outside, nature, the expanse; I am learning are essential to my wellbeing. The dark half of the year is a time for inward reflection, I made it to 15th December without feeling lost in my inner thoughts. A milestone for me. 

Today I am lost and even then the thought of a low hung sky on a grey coastline fills me with hope and the reminder that it is only six more days until the wheel of the year turns again and I can count the lighter days coming. 

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