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Tai Chi and Reiki at the Sun Club

Today saw me make my second visit to a naturist club to run a Tai Chi session and then offer Reiki as a treatment. 

Once again I found them to be nothing but normal and ready to engage in trying to learn the most complex moves of Tai Chi - all with a great sense humour! 

I received a fab bit of feedback that the Tai Chi class I ran last year had made someone much more thoughtful about how they walked. Those of you who know me will understand how important walking properly is to me in my Tai Chi classes! 

This was followed by three individual sessions of Reiki. 

This was all in the beautiful grounds and buildings of the site. Everyone was friendly and the relaxed atmosphere of the site is noticeable everywhere. So many smiley faces and much laughter with lunch thrown in for good measure. 

Just to show the sense of humour I found - the photo is of the sign in the toilet - suffice to say there was not a goldfish in sight! 

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