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On Line Booking trials and tribulations

Am I tech savvy? Probably not . . . . 

After being approached by a company offering to host a booking and payment platform and app which all seemed amazing and simple. I almost fell of the proverbial massage couch at the cost! A minimum of £149 per month! For this you get a booking management platform that you populate with treatment and class information and a calendar that you set the parameters on for booking times and availability. 

Your company/you then get added to the booking platform on the app. Service users must have the app on their phones, this gives them access to your page and every other page that has paid the minimum of £149 per month. Searches are done by postcode. This could be both a blessing and a curse as for my postcode there are very few for me to compete with but it also means there will be little interest in the app if not many users have it. 

If you live in an area where there are a large number of therapists using it, you of course advertise yourself but do so alongside every other therapist putting all your competition under your clients nose. 

I asked the question on a number of social media platforms "Who is using #***+*+*# to manage their booking as was disappointed to have no responses over a large area. 

Quite by chance the question came up of Linked In (posted by someone else) in their responses were some very varied answers. On reviewing them it appears this particular platform might be good in the future when I've made my millions and can sit and run my empire for my ivory tower. 

In the meantime it was too costly and to complex for my needs. 

The gem of an idea was in one answer Wix have on line booking and payment systems. 

The trials and tribulations have been in selecting the most appropriate system offered by Wix - I had over 30 to choose from. 

So I've become a bit more tech savvy, and created an online booking system. And it's almost ready to launch!

Watch this space! 

Feeling rather proud 😆

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