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Master Teacher Reiki

Today was day 1 of reiki master teacher. It started yesterday for me with room preparations for teaching. Certificate printing and workbook compiling. Last minute cleaning and food prep too. 

The room looked beautiful and the energy was perfect for training. 

I checked the room this morning and left momentarily to bring a jug of water in and on my return was greeted by a beautiful feather in the middle of the room! 

It hadn't been there moment earlier. 

On lighting my candles the special candle I bought when doing Holy Fire Master Teacher last year the flame on the candle leapt a merry dance. 

All morning while preparing the room further I felt like I was being held in a safe and loving embrace. Holy Fire was definitely ready for the day. 

The attunements and student practices were beautiful. The energy in the room raised throughout the day. 

End of day one we are all elated and very much looking forward to tomorrow for more! 

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