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Healing Drum

I've been holding a healing drum share every month now for the last four months. We use the beautiful space of Fabrizia Verrachias Straw Bale Studio between 7:00pm and 9:00pm on the first Friday of every month.

Set is a wooded area of a large private garden with no close neighbours there is an opportunity to become completely "Drum happy" making as much drum fun as possible.

The format of the share follows a simple routine or smudging or Reiju before taking turns to lay on a healing couch and receive the healing energies of others as they drum over you. Every one has a turn on the couch and drums others. Usually a session is finished with a short ceremony, drum journey or drum meditation.

Each month has been blissfully different, with wonderfully high energies. I have a selection of drums to try out that are all angel attuned bringing in beautifully light angel healing energies and of course you are welcome to bring your own drum along too, after all our drums always sound amazing when they are played with new or different drums.

While on the couch it's interesting to listen as the drummers circle gently round you, with each healing session the loudest and most energetic drum is always the most appropriate healing energy for the recipient.

So far the sessions have taken place through the darker half of the year giving the studio an amazing intimate feel where the healing has felt personal and aall encompassing. I am very much looking forward to the evenings becoming lighter, gradually filling the studio with the promise of long summer evenings and the opportunity to drum our way round the labyrinth close to the studio.

After each evening I have fairly "floated" home in a blissful state of being and slept deeply, knowing that the bliss and sleep are a continuation of the miraculous energies passed through me when receiving healing.

During the summer I will be looking to having a drum healing day in the studio, allowing us to spend more time o individual and group healing, personal growth and meditation.

Why not come and join in and experience the power of the drum. Call on 07740701102 to book a space.

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