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HOST is now pleased to be able to offer on-line consultations. In a new venture to help you continue to feel in control of your own well-being. Sessions can be booked through the link below to my on-line calendar. 



Simply click the link, select a 30 minute slot, click the book it button in the bottom right hand corner of the page and complete the details and click finalise. You'll receive an email with an embedded link to an individual Zoom meeting, at the booked time simply click on the link from any device with internet connectivity and a webcam/camera. Cost of these sessions has been kept to a minimum in order to make sessions available to as many as possible - £15 for 25 minutes. A payment request will be sent after you have booked.


In the sessions you can get advice on aches, pains,, stresses and strains. Regardless of whether they are physical, mental or emotional. The therapies I am trained in give me a broad spectrum of knowledge to provide practical advice, tip and tricks for managing, with self massage, gentle stretches, balance work, mindfulness, meditation and breath work that can be done in limited space at home or in the office - many while seated at your desk.


As a trained massage therapist and Tai Chi practitioner, I provide therapies and classes specifically chosen for their fast, effective routes to reducing the effects of stress that I see first-hand every day. Massage based therapies and mindfulness based practices can have a profound positive effect on wellbeing.

Stress affects many areas of our lives. Emotional stress often manifests as physical illness, likewise physical illness can be mentally and emotionally draining. Sleepless nights, high pressure environments, demanding targets, relationship issues can all cause unwanted stress reactions. 

Relaxing therapies and mindfulness based workshops and classes offer fast and effective solutions to improving health and wellbeing. With aches and pains soothed away and racing minds put at ease we are able to perform better and have a greater sense of wellbeing and happiness. Companies can improve staff retention rates and sickness levels, using this approach.

Treatments are offered for individuals in my private home clinic or in the workplace via tailored corporate packages for your companies specific needs.

Treatments offered include:

  • Full Body Massage;

  • Reiki Massage;

  • Acupressure Seated Chair Massage;

  • Indian Head Massage;

  • Thai Foot Massage;

  • Reiki;

  • Reiki Drumming;

  • Crystal Healing;

  • Intuitive Healing sessions.

Please call to check what treatments are being offered while COVID regulations are in place.


Classes offered include all Usui Reiki levels -1, 2, Master and Master Teacher, Karuna Reiki, Lightarian Reiki and Holy Fire - classes can be booked for specific dates or you can call to see when classes are being planned. 

Tai Chi and Meditation - are run weekly in various locations please call for more information. Tai Chi one-to-one master classes and individual meditation classes are also available to meet individual requirements.

Please visit the workshops and classes page for further details


18th April 

I was so pleased you are here today. I only trust you to get rid of the knot and pain in my back.

Karen So

23rd Oct 

Nice to meet you on Friday and thank you for your time. Just to let you know that since my visit I have experienced much less pain in general, still some specfic pain but generally much less. I also noticed that my meditation is much deeper and I enjoyed it right through to my legs, and also saw purple sky and clouds, as when I was having reiki.


6th Sept 

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for today’s massage. I feel so different now that my shoulders are so stretched out.



25th May  

Thank you for visiting our site on Wednesday, I thoroughly enjoyed the taster session and have found that yesterday and today I have been in far less pain than I have been in for a number of years.  I have suffered lower back pains for so many years that I never expected such a difference could be achieved in such a short time.  It was totally unexpected and I can only say how much I am looking forward to having another session.


With many thanks


17th Feb 

Thanks for my massage today! As promised, here is a testimonial for your website:


I wake up feeling ‘crumpled up’ and I have really bad posture, which causes me pain. After a session with Sarah Jayne, my joints feel more balanced and my posture is better aligned. The pain has gone and I feel great!

Thanks Deb


At HOST I am delighted to be able to add Essential Oils and other Wellbeing/Lifestyle products to the range of offerings. 

I have engaged in DoTERRA as I have been using their high quality essential oils for some time in my therapies. Please feel free to contact me or have a look at my DoTERRA page to see the range of products available.

Corporate Customers
Private Clinic
Workshops and Classes

Companies can book corporate health and wellbeing events as one off sessions, quarterly, monthly or weekly. Packages available can be tailored to meet your organisation’s needs including treatments offered and length and number of treaments​.

Please contact me for promotional offers and free taster sessions

Book an individual treatment with me in the comfort of my private clinic for a truly relaxing experience.


Intuitive healing, Crystal healing and Reiki Drum healing are only available in my private clinic.

Home visits can be arranged if you cannot make it to my clinic - please call to request.

Love having a Reiki treatment? Many who experience Reiki want to know more.

Why not learn how to give Reiki yourself? Classes at all levels of Usui are held regularly.


Join me for a Tai Chi or meditation class or workshop

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What makes me so passionate?

I've always been one of those people who enjoys helping others. It is the one thing that truly satisfies me.


From a young age I enjoyed seeing other people smiling or feeling good because of something I'd done to help. I volunteered extensively with The British Red Cross Society as a cadet.  This led me to an early career working in mental health and disability care. It was during this time I realised that health and social care systems were often failing to cater for these people in a way they really wanted - and that's where it really all began for me.

I worked hard to understand what these people wanted. The human touch took on a

profound new meaning for me, almost every societal group that is marginalised for

whatever reason receives limited human touch or contact beyond what is absolutely

necessary, often this even means reduced eye contact and eventually a complete lack of contact , resulting in loss of understanding of personal needs. Helping someone less able to dress themselves is needed by many due to age, ability or infirmity.


The human touch is far greater than this  - in exploring how we treat our young babies, with infinite love, gentleness and physical contact, hugs, caresses, hand holding and simply sitting close enough to touch I realised this needed to be bought into the disabilty care environment.


I studied massage therapy to be able to give the people I worked with the one thing they all seemed to lack; a simple, soothing human touch. This therapy bolstered my daily activities which included, personal care and simply spending time in their company and enjoying being together.


Alongside this I started to look at other groups of people who were being marginalised, such as the homeless and those in safe houses.  I saw the same need for human touch -  a form of acceptance in almost every arena. After 15 years in the care sector I moved on to help people in other ways but always with the prime aim of making their world a little better for them. 

In looking for something to improve my fitness levels I found myself studying Tai Chi Chuan. It's hard to believe I have studied Tai Chi Chuan for 30+ years now! I am still a student even though I have now taught Tai Chi since 2010. I see so many areas in every day life that Tai Chi could enhance and as a result have developed a style of teaching that encompasses all the ancient spirituality and technique with modern day practice and references to make it applicable to every day life. Tai Chi is called "Meditation on the move" by some, I believe the mindfulness aspect of Tai Chi has had a profound effect on me. When I embarked on teaching Tai Chi I saw many parallels with Reiki energy (after all they both translate similarly as variations of "Ultimate Force/Universal Energy") and started to work using both together.

Every profession I've ever been in has aimed at making peoples lives a little better. That and looking after my own health and development converged with me finding Reiki. After seeing the effect Reiki had on my young son, my first impulse was to learn to be able to pass this healing myself. Almost 10 years later I am now an Usui, Karuna, Lightarian and Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher, I am still amazed on a daily basis how many benefits people feel from receiving Reiki.


Working with both Reiki energy and Tai Chi energy, I clearly saw links between how Reiki works and the health benefits of Tai Chi. I run  workshops enabling others to explore the energy links themselves and develop symbiotic practice of Reiki and Tai Chi - it's all about vibration after all!


In wanting to pass on this passion I have for energy work and helping peoples lives to be a little better, HOST was born. For me the real drive is helping people to manage their own health, by spotting their own symptoms, identifying stress and looking at positive ways of reducing it's effect. This could be acheived through Tai Chi exercises specifically aimed at providing opportunity to relax, breath and move as a form of release, simple meditation or by choosing one of the treatments on offer - either privately or through work based treatments. I am astounded at the number of people I see for therapies that are completely unaware of their own tensions, held physically or mentally. Those who are unaware are often almost incapable of relaxing or being able to switch off. Providing opportunities for people to feel less stressed and ultimately to be able to relax in both body and mind is what my work is all about.

In order to help grow my business I have expanded on my skills base to offer other holistic treatments and constantly look to refine and seek new skills and treatments, all aimed at creating a unique package of classes, workshops and treatments to aid stress management, anxiety reduction and relaxation.

Working with energy has enhanced my life, and using it to help others is immensely satisfying. I also work with energy in art and craft projects - specifically in making unique drum bags for reiki drummers and other Reiki infused textiles, please go to the Reiki Textiles page for information.

If you have any questions you'd like to ask please contact me via email direct or call for a chat.

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