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A year ago I met Sarah via a friend in common and started practising tai-chi at lunchtime. Being in the company of these two lovely ladies was really invigorating, there was such a positive energy!

A few months later, in the summer, my dad passed away.   One thing and another I didn’t see Sarah until late September. After a tai-chi session, she came to me and said something that reflected exactly how I felt in my ‘mind’ at the time.  What she also offered was Reiki.

I had Reiki before and decided to trust Sarah in my particular vulnerable state. I had a few sessions and each time I felt better and better.  That fog and scramble in my mind started to dissipate a little.

Than Sarah asked me to be one of her case studies and have ‘remote’ Reiki sessions.  Incredible, it worked even by ‘remote’ message!!

Since the beginning of the year I have had one Reiki session a month and I can positively say it has helped immensely.  I have even enjoyed one session with drumming!

The sessions take place at my home, which is brilliant.  On one occasion I was leaving for a short trip the morning after – I was visiting my father’s grave.  On my return 4 days later I woke up in the morning and felt the positive energy in the house.  It was amazing! It was like being transported back to the day before I left and feeling the positive Reiki energy surrounding my body.  A very powerful feeling!

Sarah’s Reiki has been helpful in my grieving journey as well as in everyday life, in dealing with work and the challenges of running my own business in this financial climate.

Sarah is a very sensitive, energetic and positive person.  She radiates positive energy that engulfs you.  You feel all the better for being with her and having a Reiki session, being of the classical type or with the extra drumming added to it.  Having tried Reiki several years ago with another practitioner I can say that it is not enough to have all the qualifications.  With them does not come the sensitivity, the positive energy flow and the very important professionalism.

Try Sarah, try her Reiki, try her drumming.  Give yourself a tonic; you’ll be impressed by the results. 

Anna M, Codicote-Herts

April 2012


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